Monday, November 22, 2010

News as of late...

Harry Potter! That was the highlight of the last 3 months. I'm still processing the fact that I've seen it after waiting 1.5 years. I'll wait to post my thoughts until I've seen it again. Yes, I'm going to see it again. My little sister wants to see it with me this weekend. *collective 'aww'* Of course that could just mean that all her friends have already seen it, and they don't want to go again. But I like to think that she loves me that much.

In case I forget, highlights of the HP night:
  1. Spilling water all over our slab of sidewalk, resulting in us standing the rest of the time. (The cement was cold anyway, right?)
  2. My dear friend makes a really bad "I'm ready to make-out face."
    Me: "Where did you learn that!?!?"
    Friend: "*Ex-girlfriend's name*"
    Me: "Was she bad at everything?!?"
    Friend: "No. She was good at physical science."
  3. Waiting in line for 4+ hours to just get inside. My awesome friend waited 5+ hours 'cause she's just that awesome...and hardcore about her first midnight showing. And that includes the 1.5 hours spent waiting in the wrong line. But I totally forgave her for that already. We still got awesome seats.
  4. Seeing my friend's reaction to a scary part. Seriously, it was the best thing ever. A jump back in his seat, petrified look on his face, and hands flailing. I don't even care that I missed the end of the scene; it was worth it.
And now for something completely different: I have a billboard! On I-15! Quite a few actually, though I don't know where they're all located. But one is about 2 minutes from my house. It's not really my best work; I just do what the customers want. And they wanted a silver billboard. Advertising their holiday parties. Lame. But awesome for me.

So, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I know I will. TSA screenings and all. And if you get bored, watch this week's Glee episode. It features one of my favorite comedians ever.

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tash said...

Sounds like your Harry night was a total success. Yay! I loved it too. We should talk about it soon. I also want to see it, though I don't know when I will.
I laughed out loud seriously at the horrible make out face story. Amazing. I miss you and Rusty.