Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An American in London

I have a new life plan.

Yes, it’s true. Two years after graduation and I think I have finally figured out my life.

The details are a little hazy—okay, really hazy—but it’s going to be awesome.


I'm moving to England.

I’m moving to England and getting my masters.

It’s a done deal. And by done deal, I mean I thought of it (with help from my co-workers) last Thursday and it sounded perfect.

Do I know when? Where? How? Or even what I’ll get a masters in? No. Those are minor details. But it’s gonna happen; don’t even doubt it.

There’s more to the plan, but that’s for a select few to know.

I'll take afternoon tea here once a month.
Before the Rain - Buckingham Palace

I'll traipse about the country of my ancestors...which is pretty much all of England...and Ireland...and Scotland.
Yorkshire Dales B&B, Scaife Hall Farm 

Everyone will visit me and we'll go see this.

Okay, fine. I’ll tell you the rest of my plan. But I swear I’m not as silly (or girlie) as this sounds. If you do laugh, please don't do it in front of me. I just may cry if you do. Or punch you in the face. Or both.

I’m moving to England and getting my masters and marrying an English guy* who:
  • will have an awesome accent (my PA accent will totally seal the deal for him);
  • will think I'm hilarious because he gets my dry humor (and I'll think he's hysterical);
  • will iron my shirts (I’ll take out the trash);
  • will give me red-headed little girls (but he'll have brown hair, so this might get tricky);
  • and will have the last name “Haven” (so I can name my our son C.K. Dexter Haven).

Oh, and he’ll have good teeth. (I know he's out there!)

Now if only I can figure out how to fund living in England while earning a masters. But my eternal salvation is worth any amount of debt…right? Pretty sure I heard that from a GA.

*I would also settle for any of the following: Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or Milo Ventimiglia.


Lindsay said...

That sounds like one freaking good plan Mary. Get to it!

Andrea said...

Here's my only concern: Red headed girls?? That's chancy. What if they get the red eyelashes and eyebrows that make them look like they're surprised all the time? What if you get red-headed boys? That's almost never good.
I don't know Mary....

M.E. said...

Andrea, I'm hoping that by the time I get married, I'll be able to pick the genes for my kids to have--you know, from a catalog. I'm thinking to the future!

Lindsay, thanks for the support! Glad to know that some people have faith in my plans. :)

Anonymous said...

Hiya from London! Not sure if you've made it to our side of the world yet, but we're excited for your plans. I'm sure you'll love it here, but since homesickness has a way of creeping in, we just wanted to let you know that we've put together this free ebook full of American hangouts in London. We want you to find a home away from home while you're here, so check it out. http://bit.ly/USHOR