Saturday, February 5, 2011

I survived.

I survived my first snowshoeing adventure.

I know you were all really worried. 'Cause I told you all of course. And you fear for my safety as anyone should.

I live in the most winter sport friendly area of the country, and I haven't so much as gone sledding in all these years. Mostly, I just admire the snow when it's falling and curse it when I had to walk or drive in it.

But now I have seen the error of my ways. Naturally.

But just as an FYI, it is best to keep to the trails. Not doing so and continuing to climb the mountain will leave your non-snow friendly pants (i.e. jeans) very wet. And if the snow underneath your foot gives way, it's best to just go with it, even if it means [gracefully] falling face first into the front of the whole group. AND if you can't get up, just kind of roll around until you're in a position to do so...again, in front of the whole group. Just FYI.

[Here I am during my survival trip. It was a bit chilly. And I dyed my hair for the occasion.]

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