Saturday, August 20, 2011

Home is wherever I'm with you.

I don’t go for cutsy stuff very much. I mean, no pictures of cats or dogs. Babies should ALWAYS be clothed during a photo shoot. (Home pictures are a different story.) I don’t even like to use the word “cute.” Everything from babies to boys to buttons is described as being “cute.” Let’s be a little creative here. And I don’t care if you think your kid is the most adorable thing or so unbelievably talented; chances are they really aren’t. (But it’s good that you think so, because you have to live with them for the next 50 years or so.)

But every once in awhile there will come a good video with kids that defies the odds. I’m thinking of classics like this one. And this one is just ridiculously amusing. And if you haven’t seen this hilarious video series, where have you been living for the past five months? (And for the record, I hate the “Charlie bit my finger” video. It’s dumb.)

But this video is probably one of the most adorable things to hit YouTube. I love it and the song. Even though it’s a love song, it works very well as a father-daughter song. Watch it and you’ll see.

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Lindsay said...

Those are cute ;) Have you seen this one yet?
We watched it at work a lot this summer. It makes me laugh everytime.