Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just Send a Genie My Way

If I happened to come across a genie, who granted me three wishes, I think I’ve figured out what I’d wish for.

1) To be able to eat anything and never get fat.
2) To be able to teleport.
3) To be able to sing like Diana Krall.

Yep. No money. No fame. No wishes for more wishes…because Genie and Aladdin taught me that that doesn’t work.

I think the first two are pretty self explanatory. The third one is one I just recently decided on. It’s probably an unusual choice, but if you heard her voice, I think you’d understand.

Now there are many great singers out there. You have your powerhouses like Whitney, Celine, Adele, Aretha, Mariah, and Beyonce. Then you have your pop stars: Katy, Kelly, Sara, and even Karmin. And then the more classical and vocal standards like Barbara, Bette, Lea, and Judy.

However, I think I’ll pass.

While, they’re all great and I love their music, I think I’d pick Diana Krall’s voice over any of them. It’s just something about that low, jazzy, sultry sound that makes me want it. To flaunt it. And never stop singing.

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